Learning Through Play

At Adventure Park Academy, a child care facility in Monrovia, we use a play based curriculum. Play is the context in which children most optimally learn and it builds the foundation for conceptual learning later in life. Through play children develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

To children, play is work. They use play to engage the world around them, and ultimately begin the learning process. From an early age, children model the adults they interact with and begin to development social skills. Language and vocabulary development are often learned from listening to others speak.

Play also helps with the emotional development of preschool aged children. Through interaction with other children in daycare, they learn to seek out kids with interests similar to their own. They learn to discuss, negotiate and strategize to create elaborate play scenes, take turns and work together with to achieve goals.

At Adventure Park Academy, we provide more than just child care, we provide a place where children can learn through play, have an opportunity for discovery, exploration, and express ideas through hands-on learning experiences. Each child will be valued for his or her unique experiences and learning styles in order to become successful independent learners.