Great Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April is a wonderful time of year. Spring is here, flowers are in bloom and it’s the month we celebrate Earth Day. Too often we rush through our lives, with busy schedules and kid’s activities. That makes this the perfect time for us all to slow down and enjoy the beauty and wonder that our surroundings have to offer. Satisfy your child’s inquisitive nature and literally, ‘stop and smell the flowers’.

It is easy to get your kids excited about their environment. Start a garden, plant some flowers or a tree, go to your local farmers market and buy local, organic produce and honey. Explain to them the importance of bees and how they make honey and their role in pollinating our crops. Use it as a great opportunity to teach them something new.

At Adventure Park Academy we’re going to plant flowers and vegetables, and the children will help take care of them and watch them grow.  They will be in big planters on the playground for them to enjoy all year. The children will learn the importance of gardening and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Teaching children how important it is to keep our planet clean can be done successfully by participating in a park, playground or beach clean-up.  You can create crafts out of recycled items and found objects from nature. Collect shells or rocks and make a picture frame, a pencil holder or some jewelry. Help them recycle old bottles and cans into bird feeders. And be sure to check out Pinterest for tons of great craft ideas.

Spring is also the perfect time to ditch the car! Bike or walk to school or when running errands. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint, benefiting the environment and your body in the process!

Spend more time outside, take a walk, play in the grass, study nature. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and this beautiful planet, it is here for all of us to appreciate and protect for future generations.