Getting Through the January Cabin Fever

Being snowed in can be fun, pleasant, boring, terrible or even all of the above. It can get tricky finding ways to entertain kids for hours on end without leaving the house! Here are a few ideas to fill your snow days with fun when schools and day cares are closed because of a snow storm:

-    Write thank you notes – Take the time to thank all of your friends and family for the gifts you received during the holidays. Then get bundled up and trek to the mail box for a little adventure.

-    Read a book – Read with your kids to help them reach their reading goal for the school year. Get your children motivated to learn even when they are not in school. 

-    Bring the outdoors, indoors – Fill the bathtub with snow and play indoors! You get to have all of the fun of the snow in your toasty warm house.

-    Make snow cream – Embrace the cold and snow and collect some to make snow ice cream. Simply add vanilla extract and sweetened condensed milk to snow and mix is up to make a delicious treat.

-    Have an indoor picnic – Make it feel like spring inside by having a picnic. Place a blanket on your living room floor and fill it with all of your family’s favorite foods. It’s a different and fun way to enjoy lunch.

At Adventure Park Academy we don’t follow the Frederick County school schedule and try our best to remain open as long as it is safe for students and faculty. We are unique in that we not only provide a structured learning program for our preschool and pre-k children but also includes all the fun of amusement park attractions and arcade games that Adventure Park USA has to offer. 

Getting though the coldest months can be tough, but at Adventure Park Academy we are already looking forward to having fun outdoors in the spring. To learn more about our preschool, pre-kindergarten and seasonal camps visit our website. These are just a few of our ideas for spending days snowed in. How does your family pass the time?