Adventure Park Academy was established in 2007, and is privately located inside Adventure Park USA. There are three fully functioning classrooms, preschool for ages two and three year olds, pre-kindergarten for ages four and five year olds, and school age for ages five to thirteen year olds. Currently the Academy has a staff of five full time teachers and five part time teachers.  The learning programs offered are based on the Houghton Mifflin curriculum, which is an approved program by Maryland State Department of Education.  

The Academy is not your typical childcare program.  We are unique in that we not only provide a structured learning program for our preschool and pre-k children but also includes all the fun of amusement park attractions and arcade games that Adventure Park USA has to offer.


We are dedicated to providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment for young children between the ages of 2 years and 13 years of age.  Our goal is to nurture each child’s need for social, emotional, physical and cognitive development by providing an educationally balanced program which spans all levels of early development.  Each child will be valued for his or her unique experiences and learning styles in order to become successful independent learners.

We provide a place where children can learn through play, have an opportunity for discovery, exploration, and express ideas through hands-on learning experiences

Our communication is facilitated through monthly newsletters, weekly activity calendars, conferences, and other special events throughout the school year. We believe that parent involvement is crucial and encourage parents to become active members of our team.


Our Preschool Program: Ages 2-5 years
Each class has activities and equipment to meet children’s interests and challenge their capabilities. Children are encouraged to learn and interact through “hands-on” experiences. Lesson plans are posted in each classroom. Teachers use an emergent thematic and play based approach to curriculum teaching. Each theme is integrated into various disciplines: art, science and math, language and literature, dramatic play, games and movement, etc. Emphasis is placed on the social skills of sharing, communication, self-concept, and meeting personal needs. Children have many opportunities for indoor and outdoor play as well as using the attractions.
The specific curriculum used in our program is the Houghton Mifflin Curriculum for Pre- Kindergartners, which is used for children ages 4 years to 5 years of age and The Healthy Beginnings program is used for children ages 2 years to 3 years of age.  Both programs are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. 
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher conferences are offered twice a school year, December and May.  Parents are offered a time to meet with the teacher one on one to discuss their child’s progress. 
Lead teaching staff observe children on a daily basis, taking anecdotal notes on each child’s individual qualities, strength and needs.  These notes are used to complete the quarterly assessments for each child which are shared with parents during parent teacher conferences in December and May each year.  Teachers complete evaluations at 90 days of enrollment and then throughout each month, recording any observances, progresses, and or possible red flags.  A portfolio is kept for each child for the purpose of showing all progress the child has accomplished through the school year.  Teachers use the Ages and Stages Questionnaire Assessment tool approved by Maryland State Department of Education when assessing the children.  The Ages and Stages Questionnaire is discussed with parents during parent/teacher conferences and then kept in the child’s portfolio. The state approved Kindergarten transition form is completed for all children going into Kindergarten and given to the parent at the May conference. 


Communication is key to any successful relationship. Therefore, the program will promote an open channel of communication in many ways.

Sign-In/Out: Your child needs to be signed-In and out on the computer every day. This is to ensure the safety of all children.

Verbal Communication: Daily verbal communication between parents and teachers. This can take place in person or through telephone calls.

Classroom Visits: Parents are encouraged to visit, share books, and share their special talents.

Family Events: Family events are held during the year to encourage families to join together in a social manner and provide a sense of belonging to the program.

Newsletters: Each month the Director and classrooms will provide a newsletter for parents. It may include items such as school events, policy reminders, changes in procedures, hints on child rearing, information about books and articles on parenting.

The center works closely with outside agencies when it is in the best interest of the child and center.  When needed parents will be referred to outside support programs.  Some of the programs are PERKS, Childcare Choices, Department of Social Services and Frederick County Public Schools. Parents can request information by contacting the director or teacher.   

The Academy is a Maryland EXCELS rated center.

Maryland EXCELS is a Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System (TQRIS) that addresses the needs of both families and educators. Maryland EXCELS stands for Excellence Counts in Early Learning and School-Age Care.
What is Maryland EXCELS?

Maryland EXCELS awards ratings to participating Child Care Centers, School-Age Child Care Programs, Family Child Care Homes, and Public Pre-Kindergarten programs based upon nationally recognized quality standards and best practices. Maryland EXCELS is designed to increase awareness of the elements of high quality care and education, to recognize and support those who are meeting those standards, and to educate families and the community about the importance of high quality child care and early childhood programs.
Using a thorough but easy-to-understand rating system, Maryland EXCELS sets a standard for increasing the availability of high-quality child care and early childhood programs throughout the State. Five progressive check levels define a pathway to excellence for participating programs. Maryland EXCELS creates a core framework that encompasses quality initiatives in Licensing and Compliance, Staff Qualifications and Professional Development, Accreditation and Rating Scales, Developmentally Appropriate Learning and Practice, and Administrative Policies and Practices.
Maryland EXCELS helps programs by:

  • Recognizing the accomplishments of early childhood and school age programs and providers

  • Offering information to families on choosing quality programs and clearly communicating the elements of quality currently in place

  • Articulating to the public the level of quality in early childhood and school-age programs

  • Establishing a clearly defined path to program improvement

  • Awarding financial incentives and providing technical supports for continuous quality improvement

Maryland EXCELS supports families by providing:

  • A rating system that helps to identify quality programs that match the needs of their children

  • Information on the importance of quality care and early education

  • A simple method – including Maryland EXCELS Quality Finder app – for finding high-quality child care and education programs in their local Maryland area

Maryland EXCELS improves the quality of all early education and school-age programs in Maryland.

The Academy is an Approved Provider for Child Care Aware of America's Operation Military Child Care program. Operation Military Child Care is a reduced fee assistance program for deployed Service Members that are unable to obtain child care on a Military instillation.