Adventure Park Academy occupies the upstairs of the main building of Adventure Park USA, Maryland's largest family entertainment center.





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The Academy is open from 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Closed six major holidays:

Labor Day
Thanksgiving and Black Friday
New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day

*Academy closes by 3:00p.m on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

* The Holiday Schedule may change based on what day the Holiday falls on. Call for more information.


We take very seriously the well-being of your child and strive to provide a healthy environment in which they can learn. The Health and safety procedures set forth by the State of Maryland are very specific procedures and requirements to help prevent the spread of germs. We also use BioActive once a month.

Hand Washing

The most important and effective practice is Hand washing. Teachers are required to wash their hands as well as help the children wash theirs, before and after engaging in most activities.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

The Academy staff is directed to clean surfaces that children come in close contact with using bleach water. In addition, bathroom, sink, and changing table surfaces are to be disinfected using a bleach combination as well. Any toy that is put into a child’s mouth must be cleaned and disinfected before it can be used again. Toys are disinfected weekly.


Adventure Park Academy puts into practice daily a wide range of safety procedures. 

  • The classrooms and entire park houses security cameras that can be viewed by select management including the academy director.

  • The Preschool and Pre-K classroom are located behind a secure door which requires a pass code in order to gain access.

  • It is mandatory that teachers sign children in and out each day using weekly roll call sheets specific to their classroom.

  • Parents are required to notify director and or teachers if there is a change in their child’s drop off or pick schedule.

  • All unknown guests to the Academy are required to show photo ID when picking up any child. The guest must be listed on child’s emergency card in order for any Academy child to be released.

  • Fire drills are done on a monthly basis and disaster drills are done on a bi-monthly basis

  • Teachers are required to have the minimum qualifications outlined by MSDE Office of Childcare. The minimum qualifications are the completion of the 90-hour early childhood education certificate, 45-hour school age group leader certification and 9-hour communication course.

  • Teachers are required to be First Aid and CPR qualified.

  • Teachers complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education classes per year.

  • The Academy provides two snacks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Parents are required to provide lunch each day. We do not have any food restrictions at this time.

  • The playground is located away from the main activity of the park. It is enclosed by a 6 ft. privacy fence. Children do have access to concrete area for tricycle riding among various other activities.

  • All discipline is based on a positive redirection approach. Our goal is to teach children the desired behaviors we want from them.